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Installations, repairs and replacements.

Lighting Specialist Sydney

At Prestige Contracting, we know lighting is crucial to any home or business. Good lighting is essential, from creating the perfect ambiance to improving safety and functionality. That’s why we offer a range of lighting services, from installations to repairs and replacements.

What does a lighting electrician do?

A lighting electrician is a licensed and experienced professional who specializes in electrical work related to lighting. They can install new lighting fixtures in your home or business, repair existing ones that are faulty or damaged, and perform regular maintenance to ensure your lighting is safe and functioning correctly. A lighting electrician can also advise on the best types of lighting for your needs and help you with any electrical issues related to your lighting system.

Why Choose Prestige Contracting?

Here's a bit of insight around why 1000's of other customers across Sydney have engaged with us for their electrical needs.

We take pride in our work, no matter how big or small the job is and that's why we have 1000's of happy customers across all of Sydney, NSW.
Honesty and integrity is at the core of what we do and that carries across to how we price our jobs. We price based on the work required, not on how much money we want to make from a job.
With 1000's of happy customers scattered across Sydney, NSW we know the work and service we provide is the best in our industry.

Lighting installations, repairs, or replacement

At Prestige Contracting, we offer a full range of lighting services. Our team of licensed electricians can install new lighting fixtures in your home or business, whether you’re looking for something stylish and modern or classic and timeless.

We can also repair any faulty or damaged lighting fixtures, whether they’re not working at all or need some attention to get them back to full functionality. Suppose you’re looking to update your lighting system. In that case, we can also replace old or outdated fixtures with new and energy-efficient options to save you money on electricity bills.

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Several factors can cause a faulty light. Some of the most common include wiring issues, blown bulbs, and problems with the switch or dimmer.


Wiring Issues

Wiring issues can occur due to age or wear and tear, which can cause the electrical connections to loosen or break.

Blown bulbs

Blown bulbs are another common issue, which can happen when the filament inside the bulb burns out.

Problems with switch / dimmer

Problems with the switch or dimmer can cause issues with your lighting, such as flickering or not turning on at all.

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